Designing for Flexibility

Best fit: selecting the right tool for the job

technologies, resources and online spaces for enhancing learning and flexibility
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There is ongoing debate over which should take the lead: pedagogy or technology. In a 2011 blog post Michael Coghlan states:
...the WOW factor was very much underrated when attempting to engage people in educational technology. I was always hearing ' you can't let the technology' lead, and yet all my most exciting moments, and those I observed in others, where when that it is exactly what we did - we followed the technology FOR ITS OWN SAKE and discovered wonderful things!

However what we do WITH technology should be guided by principles of good learning design. It is for this reason that we've left this topic until now in Designing for Flexibility.

In this topic we'll investigating how technology and multimodal resources can support you to shift your practice from traditional face to face approaches to more flexible mixed-mode or 100% online offerings. Without a doubt many learners prefer face to face engagement. But this is not always possible or practicable in today's dispersed and changing learning environments. So how can we continue to undertake good practice at a distance? How can we ENHANCE what we do now using technologies?

While the actual tools, sites and platforms are continually changing their core functionality in terms of potential for engagement and learning does not.


Over on the Learning Design toolkit wiki we're gathering lists of tools that provide a means to engage students in the various Learning Processes.
If you know of other good tools add them to the list.

Background readings

Transforming learning with creative technogogy: Achieving the aha! moment - Vance Stevens (2011)


This topic will covered in a one day face to face hands on gathering


The activities and documented reflections for this topic provide useful partial evidence for:
TAEDES503A: Design and develop e-learning resources

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