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Shifts in how we (teach and) learn

In the last 10-15 years we have seen significant changes in VET, educational technologies and connectivity. The way we connect, learn, work and collaborate is vastly different and the demands placed on VET providers have shifted away from traditional classroom models.
As learners we are able to connect globally with like-minded communities and to create and share content online. We now have the means to record events, thoughts and experiences in our pocket via our mobile devices. We are all content producers and good quality ‘just-in-time’ learning resources and communities are just a click away.
Although one could argue that the skills and confidence to engage independently in this way are not insubstantial, the potential is there.
In his 2011 post Digital Dogme , Richard Gresswell suggests – ‘With the introduction of the Internet and it’s associated media and technologies into education, we’ve seen a ‘tension’ between an ethos of control, hierarchy, competition and commodification, i.e. education, while in stark contrast a web 2.0 ethos of sharing, collaboration and community.’
In this session we look at the process of developing and implementing an organisational eLearning plan.

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