Designing for Flexibility

Topic schedule

While you are able to explore each of the topics in this series independently, we have scheduled a synchronous meeting for each.
These sessions offer an opportunity for you to discuss your thoughts, findings and issues with others, and to engage with guest 'experts' who have been invited to share their insights and experiences.
As an enrolled participant you will receive a notification/reminder for each.
While each session will be recorded to gain maximum benefit attendance is recommended as these are CONVERSATIONS not presentations.

When: week starting 7/5/12
Where: f2f Induction 9am-1pm, 8th May 2012, Ultimo library DG40
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NOTE: Access to Professional Calendar on SydNet is available from home via DEC Portal
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Online Adobe Connect sessions

Please note that our fortnightly online gatherings will be run twice
The times are Wednesday morning from 9-10am AND Thursday evening from 7:30-8:30pm
You can choose to attend either one to suit.
If you miss a session the recording link will be available from the schedule below.

Designing for flexibility
Self directed study
Face to face
half day workshop
week starting 7/5/12
8th May
Ultimo library DG40
Evaluating current practice
Assessment requirement clarification
Preparation for Assessment Part A

Who ARE your learners?
Self directed study +
previous Adobe connect session
Wed 16 May - 9am
Thurs 17 May - 7:30pm
RECORDED guest presenters:
Alison Reedy - CDU
rep from The Foundation for Young Australians/ Inspire Foundation

Dr Lucas Walsh
Senior Executive - Research & Evaluation
The Foundation for Young Australians
The role of technology in engaging disengaged youth
Wed. 16 May 2012

Thurs 17 May 2011 - 7:30pm
Be strategic!
Guest speakers
Wed 30 May - 9am
Thurs 31 May - 7:30pm
Stephan Ridgway - SIT E-learning strategy
Jenny Barlow - Developing your strategy
Wed. 30 May 2012
But how do I know she did it? :
assessing at a distance
Self directed study +
Adobe Connect Recording
Wed 13 June - 9am
RECORDED guest presenters:
Allison Miller - NVELS
Michael Coghlan
Wed 13 June 2012

Tues 8 th Nov 2011
Copyright or copyleft
Guest speaker
Wed 27 June - 9am
2012 GUEST SPEAKER (Wed morning only)
Carl Ruppin, National Copyright Manager, National Copyright Unit Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC)
Copyright in a Digital World Slides
2011 info
Sylvie Saab, National Copyright Officer, National Copyright Unit
Copyright Issues for Educators in the Digital World.ppt
Wed. 27 th June 2012

Frid 29 th July 2011

Digital literacy and digital divides
Self directed study +
Adobe Connect Recording
Adobe Connect Session
Wed 18 July - 9am
RECORDED guest presenter:
Susan Murphy (
Tues 6 th Sept 2011
They're all talking in Facebook!
Guest panel
Note change for this week ONLY
Tues 31 July - 9am
Guest panel covering Facebook use in VET
23 Sept. 2011

31 Jul 2012
Don't reinvent the wheel!:
Finding and evaluating
existing resources
Self directed study +
Adobe Connect Session
Wed 15 August - 9am
Michael Coghlan
Shirlryanne SummersMorrow, Library Manager, St. George College
Wed. 15 Aug. 2012
The WOW factor:
tools & resources for flexibility
Face to face
one day workshop
Wed 12 Sept - 9:00-4:00pm
DG-45, Ultimo Library
NOTE: This workshop is being moved to either the 12 or 14 th of September 2012. Click here to opt for your preferred day
Wed. 19 th Oct 2011
Take a deep breath! :
hints and tips for facilitating in Adobe Connect
Guest panel

GUEST PRESENTERS - panel of expert online facilitators

2011 Session PowerPoints:
Vivian Evans' PPT
Rory OBrien's PDF
Michael Coghlan's PPT
Friday 28 th Oct 2011

courses and
communicating online
Half day workshop
To be decided


Taking risks & celebrating failure
Self directed study +
Final catch up only

7:30pm 25 Oct
RECORDED guest presenter:

Michele Martin
Session resources - "Reflective practice for TAFE"
Tues 13 th Dec 2011