Designing for Flexibility

Meet Tam

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[CC FlickR image by Kenski1970]

What skills, experience and knowledge does she bring?

  • Asian cultural background
  • Mother? carer
  • Female
  • Aunty has design business in INdustrial Design where Tam worked for 5 years
  • Age 30 years
  • Year 12
  • Cert 3 in Small Business

What circumstances or barriers might affect her engagement?

  • English Language Skills
  • Child minding
  • Hours of attendance due to other family issues (eg PT work)
  • Access to computer
  • Socio economic status

What expectations might she hold?

  • Finish the course quickly and start own business soon
  • Learning model may be teacher centred
  • Course flexiblility

What are her goals?

  • Complete as fast as possible
  • Complete without failure
  • Provide income for the family
  • Lowest cost

What technologies are part of her life?

  • Refrigerator
  • Phone line
  • Mobile phone not smartphone

What work experience or community connections does she have?