Designing for Flexibility

Meet Marco

external image 335099189_113754b97e_m.jpg[cc FlickR image by FranUlloa]

What skills, experience and knowledge does he bring?

  • Life skills & street cred
  • creativity, insightful
  • ability to talk his way through situations

What circumstances or barriers might affect his engagement?

  • little formal education
  • literacy and numeracy challenges
  • people might pre judge his as socially unacceptable

What expectations might he hold?

  • that talent is enough in itself
  • that he knows a lot and course would not offer much knowledge and or skills

What are his goals?

  • to be an artist
  • to run his own design business

What technologies are part of his life?

  • phone
  • internet
  • gaming console
  • ipod or mp3 player

What work experience or community connections does he have?

  • Youth networks
  • Community support organisations