Designing for Flexibility

Meet Jo

external image 22210771_5cef0c643a_m.jpg[CC FlickR image by KK+]

What skills, experience and knowledge does she bring?

  • Gifted in fashion design, sews all her own clothes, achieved highly in textile unit but chose not to apply for university as subjects achieving ATAR were not selected. TAFE option preferred

What circumstances or barriers might affect her engagement?

  • Dyslexia affects her learning abilitites, anxiety issues related to relationships & confidence

What expectations might she hold?

  • Handson experience, information & knowledge from industry professionals,
  • a job that makes lots of money on completion of course

What are her goals?

  • a job
  • Social scene, new friends & a 'funky' life

What technologies are part of her life?

  • mobile phone with camera
  • ipod
  • laptop

What work experience or community connections does she have?

  • work experience in fashion studio
  • part time job in fashion retail
  • easter show 'wool fashion parade' winner