Designing for Flexibility

Meet David

aboriginal2.jpg[cc FlickR image by David Jackmanson]

What skills, experience and knowledge does he bring?

  • community leadership
  • painting
  • advocacy
  • managing local projects
  • keeping committee minutes and letter writing/communication

What circumstances or barriers might affect his engagement?

  • time - other commitments
  • minor health issues
  • care for aged relatives

What expectations might he hold?

  • skills and knowledge relevant to his community needs
  • cultural sensitivity
  • access to materials, demos and information if classes are missed
  • community involvement

What are his goals?

  • skills to undertake community graphic design tasks and projects

What technologies are part of his life?

  • desktop computer - use of basic image editing software
  • phone with camera

What work experience or community connections does he have?

  • local community group connections
  • Aboriginal advocacy groups
  • Aboriginal art group