Designing for Flexibility

Getting started in Facebook

Setting up your account

1. Go to
2. Complete the form. You do need to provide a birthdate (young children are not allowed in) but you can hide that once signed up.

3. Complete the Captcha security check and click SIGN UP
4. Finding friends - this will allow you to trawl your existing networks for Facebook users. DO this with caution OR skip the step
5. Profile info - this info IS PUBLIC. Complete if you wish OR leave until later. Click SAVE & CONTINUE
6. Add people you know - the list here will be based on the profile info you provided. Ignore if you wish and click SKIP or SAVE & CONTINUE
7. Upload a profile picture. This can be anything (image, painting etc) but it is important in Facebook. You can add this or change it at any time.
8. Go to your email account to complete the sign up process. Click COMPLETE SIGN UP PROCESS in the email sent to you.


1. If people have already sent you friend requests they will show now. Accept or ignore.
2. Click the profile info link in step 3 and complete as you wish. This is public info.
3. In Step 5 you can add people you know via their email

All settings can be adjusted by going to ACCOUNT (top right) - ACCOUNT SETTINGS
make sure you check through all the tabs and adjust as required.
One thing you can do here is define a professional account - where it says ALTERNATE NAME you can add text that will appear in brackets after your name in your profile (eg. TAFE)


Privacy settings

1. In the top right of your screen click on ACCOUNT - Privacy settings. For maximum privacy change the default to FRIENDS ONLY for all items. Select an option from the left column or click CUSTOMISE at base
NOTE - anything that everyone in Facebook can see is available for Facebook to use and pass on.
Read the Facebook info page for further clarification


Click on the CONNECTING IN FACEBOOK area at the top of the page and adjust settings to suit.


Adjust the sharing options to suit your needs.
Example of custom setting:


Facebook groups

Facebook groups are designed to allow connection and networking around a specific topic or interest.
The people you connect with in a Group are not necessarily those you are "friends" with and connect with via your normal news feed.
Even though you can see Group members names, clicking on their name and going to their personal account will only allow you to see what they've made public.

Groups are administered by one or more people.
Private groups (like ours) require an admin to approve membership.

Click here to go to our group

Once you have joined a group you can adjust settings so a link tot he group shows on your HOME page (news feed)