Designing for Flexibility

Part 4: Facilitating e-learning


TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you think you meet the requirements of RPL please contact and discuss this with your assessor at the beginning of the program


This is an ungraded unit. Your results will be recorded as either AC – Achieved Competency or NC – Not Competent. AC is achieved by the submission of all events and items listed on this assessment schedule to a competent level.


This assessment can be based on your workplace or a simulated environment.


You are required to facilitate one complete e-learning program and provide evidence of at least two examples of organising and facilitating at least two e-learning activities covering diverse e-learning environments.

Task 1: Design

Based on the outcomes of your Evaluation survey (Part 1), your planned Strategy (Part 2), and making use of your e-learning resource (Part 3), your task is to design and facilitate an e-learning program.
For most teachers this could be a skillset or component of a larger course but should run for approximately 6 weeks.
Your program will include at least two e-activities utilising different resources, tools or technologies.
A delivery plan template will be provided if not readily available.

Task 2: Learner induction

Consider the range of tools, technologies and strategies you intend to employ.
Create an induction guide for your learners.
Choose a format that will work for your learners. This might include:
  • PDF how-to guides with technical and navigation instructions
  • A set of slides for use at an information session
  • A captivate guide
  • A short audio introduction

Develop a short introduction or 'welcome' message to each topic in your program which explains the function of that topic and invites learners to post their contributions.


A copy of, or link to, your induction guide.
A copy of your 5 topic titles and welcome messages for each topic.
A copy of your introduction message.

Task 2: Create, facilitate, monitor & review e-learning activities

A) Create the following three activities:
1. An icebreaker to familiarise learners with a nominated communication tool and to socialise and connect the group.
This might utilise Moodle or wiki discussion threads, Voicethread or a blog post with student comments for example.
2. A team based task to support collaborative, problem based learning.
This might involve, for example:
  • individual research on an issue or topic and the use of discussion threads to share and discuss results,
  • the development of information on team wiki pages for access by the larger group
  • workplace activity with feedback via Adobe Connect
3. An individual task to enable learners to reflect on and record their progress.
This could be individual research on an issue or topic, or an activity, and the use of:
  • discussion threads
  • digital stories
  • blog posts
  • individual learner wiki pages
  • audio or video recordings

B) Facilitate two (2) e-learning activities using electronic media.
This might include:
  • Discussion forum
  • Text chat
  • Adobe Connect session
  • Skype hookup
  • Wiki collaborative content creation
  • Voicethread activity
  • Blog posted task with student comments

C) Clarify strategies and processes for assisting students experiencing technical issues


  • Copies of your three e-activities.
  • Demonstrated facilitation of two (2) e-learning activities
  • A 500 word report that:
    Advises how you would overcome technical issues.
    Describes how you would maintain, store and secure e-learner records within your own training organization.
    Describes the steps you would undertake to conduct a post-course completion review and how this feedback could impact on the recommendations for improvements in: your own facilitation, and in the e-learning resource.