Designing for Flexibility

Part 2: Design and develop learning strategies


TAEDES501A Design and develop learning strategies

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you think you meet the requirements of RPL please contact and discuss this with your assessor at the beginning of the program


This is an ungraded unit. Your results will be recorded as either AC – Achieved Competency or NC – Not Competent. AC is achieved by the submission of all events and items listed on this assessment schedule to a competent level.


This assessment can be based on your workplace or a simulated environment.


You are required to develop two (2) learning strategies, implement at least one (1) and then review the processes for continuous improvement.

Task 1: Planning learning strategies

Based on the outcomes of your Evaluation survey (Part 1) you task is now to design and develop a minimum of two examples of learning strategies with differentiated design structures in each.
Your strategies should reflect the specific qualification requirements, qualification level, client and learner needs, and contexts of application.
You might, for example, focus on two different:
  • qualification levels from the same Training Package
  • modes of delivery - blended and 100% workplace based
  • industry areas
  • contexts or job types (eg. office based and field work)
  • learner types - existing workers and people entering the industry

The learning strategies provided as evidence must be logical, innovative and engaging to the learner group, and include the following:
  • the learning context
  • identified learner and client requirements
  • the units or other criteria which best address and reflect these requirements
  • learner characteristics or barriers that could impact on engagement and successful outcomes - access to technology, disabilities, literacy levels, personal circumstances etc
  • strategies and resources to address the learner needs
  • an outline of the learning framework designed and sequenced to maximise learning
  • delivery and assessment arrangements
  • pathways to, from and within the qualification
  • identified operational resources needed to deliver the strategy
  • a review process both before and after implementation.


Two learning strategies approx 1500 words each.
For Sydney Institute teaching staff these should be submitted using the standard Training and Assessment Strategy Form

Task 2: Implement and review a learning strategy

Select ONE strategy you designed above for implementation.

As you implement your strategy, document:
a) your reflections
b) feedback from learners, clients and teaching team members
c) outcomes - successes and issues
d) review changes and evidence of engaging in a process of continuous improvement


Blog posts, journal or short report of approx. 500 words in total.