Designing for Flexibility

Part 1: Evaluating current practice


TAEDES505A Evaluate a training program

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you think you meet the requirements of RPL please contact and discuss this with your assessor at the beginning of the program


This is an ungraded unit. Your results will be recorded as either AC – Achieved Competency or NC – Not Competent. AC is achieved by the submission of all events and items listed on this assessment schedule to a competent level.


This assessment can be based on your workplace or a simulated environment.

Task 1: Identify focus

Select a course, program or area of work/practice for evaluation and analysis.
Focus on an area you are familiar with and where you feel change and improvement could be made to better address learner and client needs.
Consider how educational technologies and e-learning strategies are used in your section/ unit. How well do they enhance learning opportunities and address needs?

Task 2: Plan and prepare your evaluation

Identify key support staff and discuss the breadth and scope of your evaluation
Identify other recent relevant organisational evaluation strategies and outcomes.
Consider how your evaluation will enhance, supplement or further contextualise existing data.
Document your proposed evaluation plan
Communicate your proposal to brief your teaching section and obtain approval from relevant personnel to proceed.

Task 3: Design and implement your evaluation strategy

Develop a simple survey (no more than 10 questions) or series of interview questions to gather information.
Possible survey questions
Obtain approval and implement.
Your survey should be based on knowledge about e-learning issues and opportunities gleaned through personal reading, advice and DFF sessions.

Your survey could include the following:
  • participant information - contact details and context
  • current modes and strategies
  • what works well about existing strategies
  • identified gaps and issues
  • emerging trends and shifts in demand
  • learner characteristics or barriers identified
  • current technology uses
  • current assessment practices
  • potential directions
  • staff development needs

NOTE: The online survey tool 'Survey Monkey' provides a useful mechanism for designing evaluations and gathering data. The free version offers 10 questions per survey.

Task 4: Analyse data and draw conclusions

Analyse your survey data and summarise the results for distribution.
Draw conclusions from your findings:
  • What is working well now?
  • What are the current issues?
  • Where are the areas for change and improvement?
  • What strategies could be employed?
How do your findings compare with Institute-wide evaluations?

Task 5: Develop recommendations

Document a set of recommendations to enhance opportunities offered in your section focusing on learner needs and circumstances.
Present and obtain signoff to proceed with trial to implement these changes.


A short report of approx 1500 words which includes:
  • Focus
  • Justification
  • Scope of evaluation process - sections, staff, industry, stakeholders involved
  • Your survey questions or a link to open survey
  • Data summary
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations